Publications Adwait Godbole

* denotes undergraduate research mentee

Conference Papers

Lifting Micro-Update Models from RTL for Formal Security Analysis
PipeSynth: Automated Synthesis of
Microarchitectural Axioms for Memory Consistency
C. Norman*, A. Godbole and Y. A. Manerkar
Towards A Formally Verified Fully Homomorphic Encryption Compute Engine*
J. Casas, Z. Yang, W. Wang, A. Godbole and J. Yang
Overcoming Memory Weakness with Unified Fairness: Systematic
Verification of Liveness in Weak Memory Models
Parameterized Verification under TSO with Data Types
P. A. Abdulla, M. F. Atig, F. Furbach,
A. Godbole, Y. G. Hendi, S. N. Krishna and S. Spengler
Automated conversion of axiomatic to
operational models: Theory and practice
Parameterized Verification under Release Acquire is PSPACE-complete
Probabilistic Total Store Ordering
The Decidability of Verification under PS 2.0
Containment of Simple Conjunctive Regular Path Queries
D. Figueira, A. Godbole, S. Krishna, W. Martens, M. Niewerth and T. Trautner

Short or Tool Papers

Modelling and Verifying Security Oriented Resource Partioning Schemes
UCLID5: Multi-Modal Formal Modeling, Verification, and Synthesis